I Love Making Dreams Happen!


Ever Since I was a young college student fighting for student rights, I have always enjoyed making a difference in people’s lives. I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1996 from California, A move that has enhanced my life today and on a daily basis since becoming a REALTOR in 1998. By selling homes, I make dreams happen! I have continued on my journey of making a difference in people's lives and I am still fighting for rights, but now my focus is property rights and land use!

I believe in this association and our members so much that I stand 100% behind us REALTORS® how we contribute our expertise to the betterment of society in the way of economics, and a world of happiness to those we serve individually. I was the past President in 2020 in the new world of Covid, many curve balls came along and we the association had to pivot, and we did it well! However, many plans had to be put on the back burner. I would Love the Opportunity to Serve and continue that journey in a non-Covid world in 2022-23. There is so much more to do from showcasing our members and what we do for our communities, being more involved and visible to our membership and the communities we serve, growing new leadership for local, state, and national representation as well as developing members to run for local governing office positions & state positions to continue to help our industry advance our cause of home ownership and property rights.


We created a Kitsap Realtor Foundation in 2020 that needs to start its good works and start to grow that fund for our membership and communities. Lastly there is much more work to do in building our presences in the community as mentioned before another element is to provide Opportunity for Diversity Equity and Inclusion in home ownership or a career path in Real Estate. I’m available to talk anytime - I welcome innovation, positive criticism, a smiling face and questions. I sure hope I can earn your vote for yet another term!