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Who am I?

I am a REALTOR®, and for the last 26 years, I have served our community here in Kitsap County and our Association with honesty and integrity.  I am passionate about our Kitsap County Association of REALTORS® (KCAR) and building its future.



I have the experience!

As an active member of KCAR I have a vast knowledge of our organization, its strengths, its weaknesses, as well as the everyday workings of how our association functions. I helped to rewrite our Policy Manual giving me invaluable knowledge into all aspects of our organizations governance.


•          26 years as a REALTOR®, 13 as a Managing Broker

•          3 term (KCAR) Board of Director

•          2 terms (KCAR) Treasurer

•          1 term (KCAR) Secretary/Treasurer

•          3 term (KCAR) Budget & Finance Committee Chair

•          1 term (KCAR) Communication Co-Chair

•          3 term Director for Washington State Association of REALTORS (WR)

•          3 term Budget & Finance Committee member for (WR)


Additionally, I am actively engaged with many committees and have been instrumental in helping to put together several functions and fundraising events, all of which have provided me a well-rounded view of the workings of our Association.


Let us Build the future together.


If elected as your President Elect I will strive to engage our membership through value related programs and improve communication throughout our organization and our community. It’s time to use your voice as an active voting member. This is our Association and each and every vote matters! 


I am running for President Elect of Kitsap County Association of REALTOR’S® and I would appreciate your vote! For Further Information check out my website.