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Kitsap County Association of REALTORS® Government Affairs Team encourages participation among the general membership in grassroots political activity and advances the REALTOR® Quality of Life issues. Committee members will study and become familiar with existing land use ordinances in the County and monitor the application of proposed legislation and regulations to determine the effect on the REALTORS® Quality of Life issues.  


This is accomplished through:


  • Providing an educational program for the membership and for the public that will encourage everyone to become active in politics and provide a large block of politically knowledgeable people who can support the activities of state and national REALTOR® Legislative Committees.

  • Monitoring the activities of local government organizations and elected officials.

  • Actively supporting for election or re-election local elected officials who believe and support the principles and positions of the Association.

  • Actively support the appointment or re-appointment of candidates who support the Association positions to local boards and commissions.

  • Providing any information service for the membership and the public, which will keep them informed of activities that affect real estate.

  • Providing for an immediate response to requests for assistance from state and

        national REALTOR® Legislative Committees.

  • Maintaining professional working relationships with the major local political parties.

  • Creating a Candidate Interview Team: The Candidate Interview Team shall be appointed by a panel consisting of the President, President-Elect and Governmental Affairs Chairperson with the approval of the Board of Directors. Mandatory Qualifications for Team Members are established by Washington REALTORS®. 

  • Maintaining Key Contacts: These key contacts will serve as the primary political liaison with the elected official to whom they are assigned. Mandatory qualifications are established by Washington REALTORS® Legislative Affairs Committee. Key Contacts establish professional working relationships with elected officials, respond to Calls-to-Action, and inform Washington REALTORS® of the legislator's response to the Calls-to-Action. Key Contacts are expected to attend Washington REALTORS® Legislative Day and regularly participate in legislative conference calls.

Our State Legislators

Rep. Hansen.png

Senator Drew Hansen
23rd Legislative District

Senator Emily Randall

26th Legislative District

Majority Caucus Whip


Representative Greg Nance
23rd Legislative District

Representative Michelle Caldier

26th Legislative District

Representative Tarra Simmons

23rd Legislative District

Representative Jesse Young

26th Legislative District

Kitsap County Commissioners

Sen. Rolfes.png

Commissioner Christine Rolfes
District 1, North Kitsap

Commissioner Charlotte Garrido

District 2, South Kitsap

Commissioner Ed Wolfe

District 3, Central Kitsap

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